Build Productive Software Development Environment with Less Time and Cost

Programming is one of the most fuzzy jobs to monitor and control. However most of agencies are welcome .changes of requirements and run agile which need easy and fast tools to inform and deliver changes

 We have tried too many tools with the team till we get into integrated, fast and easy way deliver the work hence we work on highly standard and agile mindset.

I would like to share this fantastic experiment with you in this blog, so lets get started !

1- Version Control


 For sure version control is required to save all the updates, changes and versions and also resolve conflicts between different files versions and team updates. However most teams are using GIT. We use Bitbucket as main GIT repository. It allows agencies to create unlimited private repositories for free, the premium starts with teams with more than 5 users. Further its Atlassian product that is integrated with all company products.
You can get more information with this link :

2- Projects Management


How to plan your Agile project like Scrum and Kaban or using normal business work packages  and activities. Jira offers flexible issue and project tracking with best-in-class agile tooling for software teams it .start with 10$ up to 10 users
You can visit this link to get more about features:

 3- Tracking and Monitoring


Time Doctor is a time tracking and productivity monitoring software for business, therefore you can track  your team with screen shot. Further it provide integration with Jira, so after you define the tasks and assign it to team member every one will have his tasks on Time Doctor and can start on each one. There is  .many other features like payroll and time sheet, you can view all features in the below link:
Time doctor give you 30 day trial then it will cost you 10$ per user.

4- Chat and Communication


Now lets integrate all this together, HipChatis hosted group chat and video chat built for teams. Supercharge real-time collaboration with persistent chat rooms, file sharing, and screen sharing.
HipChat can be integrated with Bitbucket and Jira. However any update on specific project or repository could notify all the working team.

You can visit this link to get more about features:

In summery you we define a project and plan for it on JIRA, we create a Repository on Bitbucket and we create a Room on HipChat for the project and connect it to the JIRA and Bitbucket, then we create tasks and assign it to each team member and truck the progress over TimeDoctor. This could be use for remote team


Hopefully this would help you to increase productivity in your development environment with less cost and time,

Till next blog,