How to build your google

We meet google every day when we start our internet day, therefore the daily average of searches reach more than 4 billion search operation !

Many people think that the secret behind success for this giant, is what it offer from the cuddle and entertainment to their staff members like free food, massage rooms and comfortable places to their employees. But the matter is not quite like that !


كافتيريا جوجل للموظفين بشكل مجاني
Google Cafeteria
غرف مساج داخل الشركة
Massage rooms in google
اجتماعات بين المطورين للنقاش
Meetings places

For sure the good environment have good side effect but this is not the main concern for google managers and funders. However they are careful about develop google and made it .competition innovative and renewable

From here the first priority for google is to find innovators and smart people, therefore it  works hard to find the best minds inside google and limits the environment on the eminent. It makes very accurate interviews more than one time and some times to extreme boredom ! with different committees  

Once they decide to annexation someone, they believe he will have a rule or he will create his own rule now or later.

Furthermore when it annex innovators together it increases the interaction between them, and they adore this environment that kept them developed always. Without care about how much salary they get or a deluxe offices..etc.

In addition google is one of the most successful companies to save their staff from leaving, therefore it still keep people since the company was founded !

Who is the smart innovator in google prospective ?

the smart innovator is someone looks eagerly to be developed and work with wonderful people to produce new thing that serve people and has a value, further he can solve different kind of problems and has a say. And looks to produce better and enhancement.

The cost of select smart innovators

Accurate Selection

Find the innovators and smart people require time and effort and inclusiveness every one in the company (managers and technical people) to decide, not only that but also looking for them in many different places like universities, institutes and competitions. We in Rozn for example do similar thing through inclusiveness every one and repeat the interviews more than once without find any one most of the time !

Lens Expansion

To able to find the innovators and smart people you have to expand the lens to discover, therefore you shouldn’t limit your selection to a specific specialization, university or department.  But in inverse sometimes the people of certifications are less innovation than the amateurs ! you can learn from google faults of disallow Kevin Systrom of being a product manager because he are not graduated from computer scianse that forced him to leave and go to facebook then he found instegram then sell it to facebook for 1 billion dollars. Google learn to expand the lens to save innovation

Instagram Founder Kevin Systrom
Instagram Founder Kevin Systrom

Freedom of expression

Further the innovators have their own requirements, the freedom of the expression one of the most important to keep them. However there must be a system to allow them to say what ever they see and do what ever they want to. For example google allow employees to accompany their dogs if they would !

إصطحاب الكلاب داخل مقر العمل
Accompany dog in work space

Give Trust

More over innovators looks to involve them in details whether in new products, plans and even board directors meetings. Maybe some of legal and accounting papers should not be share and have nothing related to the product it self. However company like google are sharing plans and meetings with its employees contentiously although there are competitors.

So if you like to build your own google, you need to know how to treat the innovators and allow your place to support that. Further more you have to look for them and when you find them give the trust they need to innovate and allow them to do so.

Through our experience in Rozn the matter was not that easy, it require a lot of searches and cost. But we are happy that most of our employees are still working regardless the offers they get, because they are included and they have freedom to express.

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