Cloud computing, economic feasibility … Is it true or is it just media rumors!

There are many rumors talk about cloud computing and its role in changing the rules of the game and the real impact on financial returns and performance, Let’s zoom in the lens more and think why and when we should move to cloud computing.

What is important to us is the applications that work on the cloud and one of the most famous examples are applications that are working in model as a service that many users can benefit from.

The idea of SAAS applications

We have already talked about cloud computing before and the easy control of computer resources in increasing or decreasing it as needed, and it is possible to make virtual systems since it is so easy to transport or cancel or change its resources easily depending on each user’s request and this makes the idea of cloud computing move to service according to demand and need.

This allows the possibility of providing the systems as services and provide applications as a rented services , one of the examples about these applications, Gmail where every user has his own full application displays his own information and everyone is able use the service.

In Rozn we use to build this kind of applications in our products and for the clients. However we have many years of experience that allow us to solve different platforms and cloud computing providers, thus in this way the product can serve too many clients and make them always up to date.

Economic feasibility

The example illustrates the article if we assumed that we decided to buy a program for managing an institute we work at with $100.000, In this case we need infrastructure for the institute to be able to run this program. This infrastructure needs human resources to manage it and ensure the permanent work of it, We need periodic maintenance for this application and problems as well, There are also statistics indicate that this technique changes at a rate of 4 years, which means that the application that runs on specific techniques will change after 4 years and the application might need to be fully changed sometimes. Another thing, in case there were times when there is a pressure on the program that requires to provide more infrastructure (more energy, more devices, volumes, etc.).

Nornal Server Renting Cases
In Case of normal server rental hosting

But if we decided not to buy the program but renting a cloud application that fits the institute to enforce we hired a monthly payment of $ 1500 and assume that we are going to rent it monthly with an amount of $1500 which means it would cost $18,000 annually. This means that if the first option didn’t cost us but a $100,000, we would need five and a half years until the cost is equal, as we decided in the first decision, but with clear differences:

– We can start immediately, without having to create an infrastructure that may take a long time.

– We can abandon the program at any time we want, unlike the first option.

– The permanent development on the program because the administrator needs to improve the product quality constantly so they don’t lose customers for they are easily lost.

– In case the pressure increased on the program, the clouds infrastructure will increase automatically as needed and will return when it is no longer needed, which means that consumption is as needed.

– The program will mostly be updated to the latest required techniques, Since the owners of the product are very careful toward the new clients without losing the current clients who are the capital.

– There is no need for administration or an infrastructure, all you need is an Internet connection and devices that need to use the application.

Why don’t we go to cloud computing now

Utilize the resources by cloud computing
Utlize the resources by cloud computing

Before taking this decision, you should understand what is your actual need an if cloud computing is really suitable:

– If  your data was very sensitive like governments and others, then cloud computing is not safe because the data centers deal with the laws of the country where it exists, if the authorities  requested to access the  data then that is possible, but the data can be protected by encrypting it to ensure that no one  benefits from it.

– Difficulty in changing the supplier: although the service is leased and it becomes easy for you to move from one place to another, but if you wanted to move you might face some obstacles, but there are suppliers who provide the ability to access to the data at any time which helps in the  moving process.

– There are no apps to serve all types of business: Yes, there may be a shortage, but applications are increasing in this kind of matter and are transforming.

If you are a developer

This part of article is for developers, everyone is moving to cloud computing by reading researches which indicate that cloud computing will have a large share of users in the coming years, so it is important for you to know how to develop cloud computing.

You can learn free about developing from the following websites:

– Amazon Gives you a free limited usage for 1 year.
WindowsAzure Microsoft give you 3 months for free to work on their own cloud environment.
Google app engine Allows you to download 10 apps for free.
Heroku Gives you some space to test and learn.

Stay tuned to the next blog.