Tuesday, July 16, 2024

Discover how HAProxy enhances routing efficiency through lookups. Learn best practices and tips to optimize your HAProxy setup for seamless routing.

very simple tutorial to help you build a NodeJS app and change the IP in the run time

Vbazzar uses to get much contents from the online stores that allow embed content in other sites, therefore it will collect the most valuable content for the same product to provide a useful information for the visitor to take a purchase decision.

This title may anger some people and may interest to others, Actually Its not related to the job title you have but we would discuss the impact on business for being a software engineer to develop the persona and support the working environment together.

This blog shows how to add FTP and access your files with any of thous clients like FileZilla on Windows Azure Virtual Machine.

There are many rumors talk about cloud computing and its role in changing the rules of the game and the real impact on financial returns and performance, Let's zoom in the lens more and think why and when we should move to cloud computing

Let’s begin with this number 2500,000,000,000,000 which is the number of bytes that human beings entered every day. Mankind has never stored this amount of data before

eCommerce, the promosing future for the MENA region. Many region still not enter the game yet. And too many think that being a "street vendor" is spared of "offical store". The first blog about the eCommerece in the MENA

Most people think that the secret behind success for this giant, is what it offer cuddle and entertainment like free food, massage rooms and comfortable places to their employees. But the matter is not quite like that ! In this article we clarify the main successful factor that made google developed and prosper.

This pattern become engaged in big form with "Entrepreneurship" , "Accelerators","Incubators" but is this realistic, and is it required for success idea


short video tutorial help you to create your first PHPUnit Integrated with NetBeans

Unfortunately, there is currently no out-of-the-box support non .NET applications, in addition federation application (Web plans) are going to be retired at September 2015, therefore any multi tenant applications written in other languages such as PHP will not be able to use the new elastic scale directly.